About Us

Hi Binyomin Terebelo,

My dream is to bring you a unique, fun, and simple event at the Spirits and Art Fair. That is precisely what we want to deliver. 

Judaic art from a wide array of artists, from canvas and oil paintings to metal works. 

Innovative and different forms of artistic expression that are available and unique that you will be able to enjoy while simply sipping a shot.

Spirits, from yours truly Terebelo Distillery, a distillery uniquely positioned for such an event. 

Small boutique and a local farm distillery, we are literally cutting the corn in your backyard and creating a masterpiece in a bottle with the most unique of finishes.

Do you know an artist? Have them reach out. We would love to have them at the event as this is an artist’s event. There are no costs for those that qualify.

I can’t wait to see you, your host,

Binyomin Terebelo


To entice you with a full array of Judaic and artisanal works that are pleasing to the eye.


Artists who do woodworking to Master Distiller bring their unique knowledge and passion.


Give you an evening out that is relaxing, enjoyable, and, best of all, priced to be stress-free.

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