• Legal Compliance

    Build The Barrel provides market access to the United States, Build The Barrel is federally licensed to import and nationally distribute wine, spirits, beer, cider, and other alcohol products.

    We help brands and producers of all sizes and origins access the US market through our state and territory wholesale and out-of-state shipper permits. 

    Our Integrated Compliance System (ICS) provides real-time updates on the compliance status of your products in each market you enter. As soon as you’re compliant to sell, you’ll know.

    Our compliance capabilities include:

    • Labeling and standards of fill guidance for the United States and European Union
    • Step-by-step guidance or assisted submission as US TTB-required formula submissions
    • National label creation through a United States Federal Certificate of Label Approval (COLA)
    • State brand label registration where, required throughout the United States
    • Control state guidance in the seventeen government-controlled United States markets
    • Trade practice advisory for events, tastings, and marketing
    • Navigation of franchise laws in applicable markets in the United States across wine, spirits, and beer
    • Beverage tax payment and reporting in all markets we serve
    • Importer transitions and consolidations, including COLA, use up requirements
    • Expertise in Flavored Malt Beverages (FMBs) and Ready-to-Drink (RTD) beverages