The Spirits & Art Fair Is In Full Swing

The Spirits & Art Fair is in full swing; with tickets selling fast, let us fill you in on what is happening or at least part of what is happening. Remember, it will be a slow reveal. 

The evening is promising to turn out to be a night that you can come to stroll the rows of art and immerse yourself in another world. 

From Faigy Hager’s art of the old city where you can envision yourself walking the alleyways of Yerushalayim to the as of yet to be revealed artist that will bring you into the sublime beauty of Shtetl life.

The evening is sizing to become a must-attend for Bourbon lovers as they will not want to miss the opportunity to meet and get hands-on with Binyomin Terebelo. What Terebelo Distillery is featuring will be just as hands-on as it can get.

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